Many online casinos offer online recharge and withdrawal services. To do this, you can use various E-Payment methods. The final list of methods depends on each particular casino. One of the most popular methods is Epayments. Epayments is an electronic payment service, which by its very nature is an association of electronic payment systems and allows its customers to issue their own debit bank cards.

In order to start using the Epayments service, a potential client needs to register on the online portal of the payment system. During registration, the client is obliged to correctly indicate all personal data, among which there is a surname, first name, middle name and postal data. After the participant receives a debit card system, he must activate it, and the card can be activated in several ways: using a phone call to the office of the payment system Epayments or using a personal account on the system website.


Many gamblers around the world use Skrill. This payment system has a low commission, secure transactions, reliable SWIFT transfers and the ability to withdraw money using VISA cards. The system offers encrypted transactions and fully secured payment confirmation processes. Users can receive their money within 15-30 minutes. This is one of the fastest online indicators.


Neteller is also very popular in the gambling segment. Many players use this method to regularly withdraw winnings. Unlike bank cards, Neteller is an online service and does not report to commercial organizations. This service is suitable for those who are not willing to pay taxes. The company offers a low commission of 0.5% of the transaction amount. A special VIP program gives players additional privileges. Users can count on a profitable and fast service. More than 80% of casinos cooperate with Neteller.


PayPal is a popular online payment system. Residents of central and eastern Europe are actively using it to replenish gambling deposits and withdraw money. The service has a commission of 0.8% and cooperates with many European and US PayPal casinos. Thanks to the fast transaction processing algorithm, the user can receive his money within 5-10 minutes. This allows you to receive winnings as quickly as possible. A simple verification system does not complicate customers.

Visa or MasterCard

Bank cards are also popular for paying for gambling services. They provide the ability to quickly recharge and start the game. Depending on the casino, you can choose any operator, like Visa or MasterCard. It is worth noting that this method is the most secure, but has several disadvantages. The main nuance is the time of withdrawal. The casino will withdraw money to the account in 1-7 banking days. It all depends on the amount of payment, network load and efficiency of the casino itself.

Casinos have over 40 known deposit methods. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The main task of the player is to choose the most appropriate option with an affordable commission. After choosing the payment method, you can safely replenish the deposit and start gambling.

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